The Missouri River

The Missouri River the best tail water in the west! Aquatic insect life thrives in the spring creek like habitat of the Missouri which makes the 7000 plus fish per mile fat and strong.   There are bugs hatching every day of the year on the MO.  The main hatches consist of Midges, Baetis, PMDs, Caddis, and Tricos.  Not to mention great hopper fishing mid to late summer.  Trout sipping dries in flat water keeps anglers dreaming about the “Mo” and its match the hatch style.   Missouri Rainbows average 14-20 inches and feed in “pods” during hatches. Rainbows are not the only attraction on the MO.  Brown Trout  ranging into the mid twenty inch range also roam the waters of this abundant fishery.  These savvy Browns will take dries and become aggressive  in the fall where they can fall victim to a well placed streamer.  The Missouri is truly an incredible fishery.  It offers anglers beautiful scenery and a variety of challenges from deep water nymphing, streamer fishing, terrestrials and sight fishing to  rising fish. 


                                                       Grab your gear and get in the boat!