Fly fishing the Missouri River

Fly Fishing the Missouri River
Whether you are an experienced angler or an excited novice the thought of being guided can be a little intimidating.  Let Fin Fetchers take care of you.   Fishing is a lot of fun and can be even more so when you hire a guide. All you have to do is fish and enjoy your well deserved vacation. Our guides have years of experience with anglers of all levels and are incredibly patient, knowledgeable instructors. Regardless of your skill level, listen to the tips your guide gives you. Fin Fetchers will take care of you.  F2O guides are on the water daily and are in tune with changing conditions, patterns, and trends that can benefit your day on the water. Remember, they teach anglers of all abilities. You’ll be fishing home water and they know it well. So relax, try out new tips, ask for advice, and have a great time!  Fin Fetchers willl take care of you.  

Drift fishing is by far the most effective method of fly fishing Montana rivers.  From covering the bank with hoppers or streamers to nymphing mid-river riffles, drift fishing is extremely efficient. We fish out of fiberglass or wood drift boats on the Missouri River.  Fin Fetchers supplies a shore lunch all flies, leaders, tippet material, instruction, and non-alcoholic beverages.  Lunches can be altered depending on dietary needs. A typical day trip lasts between 8-10 hours.  In general, we will try to be on the water for the best fishing hours of the day, which varies by season, but can obviously customize our hours to best accommodate your trip.